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MyChart®Terms and Conditions of Use


Do not use MyChart if you are having a medical emergency!

If you think you might be having an emergency, visit the closest emergency room or call 911. Please do not try to send messages to your provider about an emergency using MyChart! Your provider might not see your message or send an answer right away.


When you use MyChart, you agree to a set of rules

These rules are called “terms and conditions.” The information below will explain the terms and conditions of using MyChart.

         When you use MyChart, you agree to follow these rules. Both the usage and content of MyChart is governed by applicable federal and Georgia state laws and regulations.

         Each time you logon to MyChart, you are agreeing to these rules.

        These conditions might change from time to time. Any changes will be posted on MyChart. These changes are effective as soon as they are posted.


About sending and reading messages on MyChart

You can send messages to your providers on MyChart. You can also send comments. These comments and messages will be part of your permanent electronic medical record.

You may not get responses for your messages for at least 24 hours during normal business days.

When sending and reading messages, you agree that:

         Any information you give is complete and accurate. This includes any questionnaires that sent to you via MyChart. This helps your provider give you the care that is best for you.

         You should not send urgent messages through MyChart. Sometimes a telephone call or an office visit may be the best way to let your doctor know something.

         You should not make any changes to your care because of your test results without talking with your provider first. Don’t change your medicine, therapy, or anything else before talking with your doctor.


You agree to give MyChart a working email address

         You must give MyChart a working email address that is current.

         If you change your email address, you must update MyChart with your new address.

         You will get emails when there is new information on MyChart for you to look at. These messages will not have any confidential medical information in them.

         Anyone who has access to your email will be able to see these email messages. But they will not be able to see your MyChart account unless they have your MyChart login ID and password.

         If you are not getting any emails from MyChart:

o    Make sure this email address is part of your “approved senders list” or whitelist”:

o    Make sure your email inbox is not full


You agree to read your MyChart messages regularly

The messages you get through MyChart may have important information in them. You agree to check these messages regularly.


You agree to look at any other websites that MyChart links to at your own risk

MyChart links to other websites with health information. MyChart does not endorse any of these outside websites. You are responsible for following the terms and conditions on these websites. You are also responsible for reading their privacy statements.


You agree to do your part to protect your privacy and security

         MyChart makes every effort to keep your health information secure and confidential. But even the most secure system can be violated. When you use MyChart, you accept this risk.

         You also agree to do the following things to help keep your information secure:

         You will keep your login ID and password secure. If someone else learns your login ID and password, they could access your personal health information. You are responsible for keeping your login ID and password safe and secure.

         You will never be asked for your MyChart ID and password in an email. Please do not respond to any emails that ask for this information. If you have already responded, change your password right away.

         Putting information in MyChart makes it part of your permanent medical record. If you have sensitive information that you only want to share with your doctor, you might not want to use MyChart. Hospital and clinic personnel who have permission to look at your medical records may also be able to see this information if you put it in MyChart.

         It is your job to protect your computer. You are responsible for making sure that your computer is protected against viruses and other malware.

         MyChart content follows all federal and state laws and regulations on the privacy and security of personal health information. To learn more, please ask your nurse or healthcare provider for a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practices.

         If you are worried that someone has accessed your personal health information, please email MyChart Customer Support at or call 770-219-1963.


You understand that MyChart may not be available sometimes

         MyChart might not be available sometimes because of system failures, maintenance and backup procedures, power outages, and other causes.

         If you need to get in touch with your provider when MyChart is not available, please call them or visit their office.


You understand that your medical record on MyChart is not complete

         The MyChart record only has some of the information that is in your medical record. Some kinds of medical information will never appear in MyChart.


You understand that MyChart may be shut down at any time

         MyChart is provided as a convenience to you. MyChart may be shut down at any time for any reason without notice to you.

         You may cancel your participation in MyChart at any time by contacting MyChart Customer Support at, calling 770-219-1963 or by notifying your doctor’s office.


You have a limited license to use MyChart for your personal use

         You have a limited license to use MyChart. This license is for your personal use only. This use falls under the terms and conditions of use described here, in this document.

         You can’t reproduce the website and its associated content and services. You also can’t use the website for your own profit.

         You are not allowed to collect or use other people’s email addresses or health information. You can’t do any data extraction or data mining on MyChart.


Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

This website, its content and all site-related services are provided “as is,” with no representations or warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. This includes, but is not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

You assume sole responsibility and risk for your use of MyChart, all site-related services and third party websites, including the risk of any authorized disclosure of confidential medical information resulting from your failure to keep your MyChart password secure, or for any damage to your computer or software.

No oral or written information or advice provided by Northeast Georgia Health System, its physicians, affiliates or other healthcare professionals shall create a warranty of any kind. Any references to specific products or services on this website do not constitute or imply a recommendation or endorsement by Northeast Georgia Health System unless specifically stated otherwise. Your sole remedy for dissatisfaction with this website, site-related services, or third party websites is to stop using MyChart or those services.

In other words, you accept sole responsibility for any risks that are involved in using MyChart. This includes things like the risk of someone getting access to your confidential medical information, or any damage that might happen to your computer. MyChart and Northeast Georgia Health System are not responsible for any problems that you might have from using MyChart. If you are not satisfied with MyChart, your only option is to stop using it.


Copyright and trademarks

All the content on the MyChart website is protected by U.S. and international copyright law. This includes:



         Graphics, images, artwork, button icons, or logos


         Trademarks or service marks


         Any other content


You can’t reproduce any of this content, in whole or in part, unless you have written permission from Northeast Georgia Health System.